St Albans School of Acting - Shows and Reflections

SASA were a pleasure to work with. The shows ran very smoothly with fantastic commitment and energy from everyone involved.

When I started I was worried that I would not be able to call the show effectively having not been in the rehearsal process and not being familiar with the show. However, I was able to adapt myself and my usual practice to accommodate. This experience was completely different to my usual practice and I feel that this allowed me to develop my skills as a stage manager by throwing myself in at the deep end.

St Albans School of Acting - Tech/Dress

The tech was a strange experience for me in that it was my first time meeting the students. I had read a the script but had not seen anything in rehearsals or a run. This meant that I had to readjust massively to how I usually run a tech. I relied much more  heavily on Phoebe as director than I usually do. 

The students were fantastic - they weren’t particularly well versed in how a tech works but they responded well to the process of tech and dress and took instructions and notes well.

I found that I adapted and thought it was challenging, I picked up the show pretty quickly, which came as a surprise. 

During the dress, however, I became very unwell and ended up in hospital that evening. It was the first time I had become seriously unwell while doing a show and in some ways it felt like another curve ball being thrown at me. With support from Phoebe and the rest of the tech team, I was able to carry on with the dress. 

St Albans School of Acting - Intro

Phoebe Shergold-Willis was 18 years old when she founded St Albans School of Acting in 2016. SASA is a youth theatre company focusing on serious drama.

I came in as Phoebe’s DSM for her second production, Why am I Upstairs. The piece was developed from the students ideas and through the rehearsal period. SASA works to produce productions that the students want to create. Why am I Upstairs was inspired by the students wanting to explore age gaps and serious topics.