Royal Court B/VC Shows and Reflections

I was present in the theatre until the press night of Victory Condition, with B opening a week before.

This was my first time experiencing previews and techs stretching over 2 days. I felt that the attention to detail was much more than anything I had ever witnessed or practiced before and I believe this attention to detail was a result of the amount of time they had. The response to audience reactions and feedback, I feel was a very useful opportunity. 

During the production weeks, there were moments where I felt as though I was not as active a participant as I would have liked to have been. This many stemmed down to my previous experience of stage management - being a solo SM and doing all of the jobs, as well as the rest of the team ensuring that they were able to run the show with 4 people, rather than 5.

Overall, my time at RC was an enriching experience. It gave me in site into how a larger theatre is run, as well as how a stage management team works efficiently together.