Royal Court - B/VC Rehearsal Processes

I found both rehearsal processes very interesting for a variety of reasons. This was my first time working with a team of stage managers in over a year and a half, my first experience and only other experience being during first year core.

Throughout the process, I worked closely with both of the ASM’s. I found it very interesting to see how different people do the same job. In terms of props, the shows were polar opposites. VC was extremely prop heavy and required bulk buying of items like pizzas (one ordinary and one gluten free), pizza boxes and loafs of bread. B, however, required far less props but were much harder to obtain because of the amount of detail that was needed. 

The ASMs and I spent much longer than I have spent before researching props and sometimes were left waiting for the designers OK on them. This did leave us in difficult positions at times as we were not able to move forward and occasionally I felt rushed. I combated this by attempting to have as many options as possible ready in order to not waste time.