Brave New Worlds - Week 2

My second week on placement was our production week at Asylum. Due to bookings in the space we had to be prepared to do some gets in/out during the week, usually with an hour to do them in. When not performing, time spent in the space was used rehearsing, adjusting to the space and making any technical corrections necessary.

Our first day at Asylum consisted of get in, tech, dress and show in the evening.

A heat wave during the week caused a few problems for us in the space as there was no air conditioning and some of the few windows there were had been blacked out. I suggested taking more frequent breaks and only rehearsing in costume when it was absolutely necessary, in order to combat the heat and ensure everyone had as much energy as possible for the performances. Fans were stategically placed in our backstage area and near equipment in an attempt to stop laptops from overheating (again!).

This week in the space defiantly gave me more experience in skills I think it is very important for a stage manager to have, such as problem solving/trouble shooting, adapting to a new space and dealing with quick gets in and strikes.