Brave New Worlds - Week 1

My first week on placement was spent rehearsaling and exploring the show at Ovalhouse.

On the first day, I met the company and the sound and lighting designers they were collaborating with - Demetrio and Darren. We spent time getting to know one another, what we do and talking about how the process will be over the next two weeks.

During the process of introducing ourselves, I was asked what a stage manager is by two members of the team, as they had not worked with or heard of a stage manager before. This was very strange for me as I was unaware that the role of a stage manager wasn’t present within a lot of European theatre.

Rehearsals were spent working on different sections of the piece, re-choreographing and re-blocking specific moments. Throughout the week I noted blocking and began establishing a ‘script’ of the piece. This became particularly useful to the group as it helped us to establish what we had explored, what worked and what didn’t and to help the actors readjust to the new blocking. 

We also met the technical team at Ovalhouse, who I worked more closely with during the second week.

I feel this first week made me look at the role of a stage manager and what it is I specifically do and I believe it helped me to gain a better understanding. They are another set of eyes, someone who supports the process and ellevates pressure, they ensure that the performances remain true to the original vision of the directors/designer/company.