Brave New Worlds - The Beginning

Brave New Worlds was founded by Kate Lane, Valentina Ceschi and Gouda Jaruseviciute. BNW explores objects, space and the body to develop a visual dramaturg. They explore an theme, concept or idea visually by experiementing with the body and various objects and materials in rehearsals in order to establish a visual dramaturg.

BNW’s credits include Trinity and Utopia.

For my placement, I came in as a stage manager for BNW’s residency at Ovalhouse, London. The residency was and R&D period for Trinity, which was then performed at Asylum, the derelict chapel of an asylum in Peckham. Trinity focuses on the depiction of the female form and how this has changed and been sexualised throughout time.

My expectations of the placement only developed once the process had full began. I became very interested in seeing how a stage manager would fit into a process that was not only heavily design-led, but had also been established and performed multiple times before. My experience in theatre thus far had seen me as part of the entire creative journey, rather than part way through. I was also very interested to experience, not only working outside of the university setting, but also performing in a completely different envirmoment to a theatre or black box space.

Placement Dates: 12/06/2017 - 22/06/2017